We really do love Chattanooga and part of our job here is to keep you in the loop. It’s a super small city with much to offer outside of being just an outdoor mecca, but as with many cities throughout the country right now, it’s rapidly changing and can be difficult to navigate.  This guide is not an advertisement. It’s based solely on our opinions and the places we enjoy. We’ve spent a lot of time here. This is Chattanooga, the way we see it.


This is our favorite street in Chattanooga. It’s currently undergoing many changes, but as of right now still maintains some soul. Home to some of our favorite bars. There’s a lot of history and culture on this street which was once a mecca for the African American music community. You can certainly feel the gentrification taking place but we have faith it can be done in relatively responsible way (we hope!) . Anyways, go have a good time here on a Friday night.


Champys- (lunch/dinner) Arguably some of the best fried chicken in town. You can also order a 40oz. $

The Bitter Alibi- (dinner/late night) If you’re looking for a good meal in a bar setting, this is a solid spot. $

G’s- (lunch/dinner) Get the turkey rib plate!! $

Uncle Larry’s (lunch/dinner) - No frills, cheap, fried fish sandwiches. So good it’ll smack ya! $

2 Sons Kitchen- (breakfast/lunch) - The food at this place is really great, and very reasonably priced. $ - $$

Chatt Smokehouse (lunch/early dinner) - BBQ on MLK . $ 

City Cafe- (late night grub) - Some would say it's mandatory to have at least one late night drunk meal here. Not the greatest food, but the list is extensive and it's open 24 hours. $


The Camp House- An integral part of the Chattanooga coffee community, serving single origin offerings. It’s technically a church FYI. If that doesn’t bother you or if that’s plus for you, it’s a really nice place with decent food as well. 


Hutton & Smith Brewing Co.- Our favorite cozy little brewery with some tasty beer. $

Odd Story Brewing Co. - The beer is good. The space is super clean and white.  Across the street from Hutton & Smith. $

The Coin Op- Bar & arcade. Cheap beer & arcade games. What more do you need? We love this place! $

The Fix- Cocktail lounge on the third floor of the Bitter Alibi building. $$$

The Bitter Alibi- Brunch by day, basement bar by night, one of our favorite bars in town. Hanging in the alleyway on the weekends with the local hipsters. $

Barley- Huge beautiful space with over 60 beers on tap. $-$$

Matilda Midnight- Aesthetically pleasing bar inside of a downtown boutique hotel. $$

The Honest Pint- Irish Pub. A place for a late night drink and bite to eat. Not too long ago you could smoke all the cigarettes you wanted in here,  so it smells a little funky inside. $


The Chattanooga River Walk- You can hop on the river walk at the far east end of MLK BLVD. 13 mile stretch along the Tennessee River.  An early morning run at it's finest. Distance from En Root House: 2.4 miles FREE

Chattanooga National Veterans Cemetery-  Beautiful veterans cemetery right near our house. Lots of history in this town. The sunset view is exquisite. Distance from En Root House: 0.2 miles FREE


JJ's Bohemmia- Grungy dive music venue that we absolutely adore. You can go here on almost any given night and have a great time. Sometimes the music is world class, at times it can be questionable lol.  Shows don’t normally start till 10 PM.  FYI , this is a smoking inside venue. Regardless of your stance, locals want it to stay that way. $

Nightfall- Free outdoor concert series every Friday night during the summer months.

Bessie Smith Concert Series - Free outdoor concert series every Thursday night August-October.


The Palace & Bazar Odditorium - Arthouse cinema, venue, and beautiful contemporary art space. 1.8 miles

Mural on MLK- The entire ugly and gray AT&T building turned stunning art piece. 1.5 miles

Bessie Smith Cultural Center- African American history museum 


The burgeoning southside of Chattanooga. Boutiquey area south of downtown with a lot to offer, including some of the City’s best spots to eat. It’s a cool area and you’ll more than likely find yourself here.


Taqueria Jalisco- (lunch/early dinner) One of our favorite little lunch spots. A great Mexican joint. $

Niedlov's- (breakfast/lunch) Great little bakery that's become a Chattanooga staple. One of the very first artisanal businesses on Main st, sparking an interest in the entire southside. Gotta give credit where credit is due. $-$$

Main St. Meats- (lunch/dinner) What started out as a small sausage and butcher shop has grown into an exceptional full service restaurant. Arguably the best burger in town. $$-$$$

Blue Grass Grill- (Breakfast) Super tasty breakfast. It's worth the wait every once in awhile. There’s always a line. $

Conga- (lunch/dinner) A weekly standard for us.  Based on El Salvadorian cuisine. Get the original papusas and you wont be mad about it ! $

Aleia- (dinner) Fine Italian fusion type food. Cool space. Bring a date.  $$-$$$

The Flying Squirrel- (dinner/BAR/Sunday Brunch) This place has great food and one of the best beer lists in town. The Sunday brunch is quite popular. $$

Chatterbox - (lunch Thursday-Saturday) - Solid BBQ joint. You can’t go wrong with the brisket sandwich & apple slaw. $

Taqueria La Bonita - (lunch) - Probably the most authentic street style taco you can find in Chattanooga. It’s that fresh tortilla that makes it.  Cash only. $

Silver Jalapeño- (lunch) Nice lunch spot outside. Good cheap burger.  $


Velo Coffee Roasters- Known for having the best coffee in town. They use a progressive approach in a hip/quirky shop setting.

Mean Mug- Cozy little shop serving Velo Coffee.


Chattanooga Brewing Co.- OG Chattanooga brewery. Not the most exciting or interesting beer, but pretty darn consistent. $

Clydes on Main- Cool elaborate sports  bar. They’ve got ping pong tables. Lively place on the weekends with live music. $-$$

Tennessee Stillhouse- Home of Chattanooga Whiskey Co. Take a tour. Learn some stuff. Sip some whiskey. $$

Imbibe- Get all you're alcohol to go here. Knowledgable staff and a stellar selection.  $-$$$


Montague Park- Home of the Sculpture Fields. Slightly under construction in  an industrial area, it’s a strange place (good strange) . FREE


The Revelry Room- Mid sized venue that brings in some solid acts. $$


Peace.Strenght.Yoga- Distance from En Root House.

The Center for Mindful Living- Distance from En Root House: 1.5 miles


Things we enjoy in downtown city center area are a little spread out, but they exist nonetheless . It’s also home to the Aquarium, beautiful riverfront, and art district which is just lovely. We recommend getting a city bike and riding all over this area (Broad street has protected bike lanes). The riverfront area/ art district are great spots to get on the riverwalk.


Lupi’s- (lunch/dinner) Our favorite pizza spot. $  

The Meeting Place- (dinner) As far as quality of food and price is concerned, this place is wonderful. $$-$$$

Flatiron Deli- (lunch) Downtown deli open for lunch on the weekdays. $

Two Ten Jack- (dinner) Sake and ramen! Chattanooga doesn’t have the greatest ramen selection, but we think this  is the best in town, although a little pricey. $$

The Pickle Barrel- (BAR/late night grub) One of the ultimate Chattanooga staple bars. $

Hair of the Dog- (BAR) English Pub located at near the south end of the Market St. bridge. $

Tony’s Pasta Shop- (dinner) The food ok , but it’s an excellent location, cool building and affordable Italian food. $-$$

Sitar - (lunch/dinner) A tasty Indian style restaraunt. $-$$

Yellow Deli- (bfast/lunch/dinner) An experience within itself and the sandwiches always hit the spot no matter how you feel.  Open 24 hours 5 days a week.  $

American Draft- (bar) America's first pour your own beer hall inside of train car. $$


The Tivoli Theatre- Every town needs their beautiful historical theater. We have ours.


The Art District- With the river to go along with it, it's picturesque. 2 miles

The Hunter Museum of Art- . The architecture is pretty stelar. And the museum itself is exquisite.  2.1 miles


Yoga Landing- Distance from En Root House: 1.8 miles


The quintessential ‘Chattanooga’ vibe. With Coolidge Park, Walnut street Bridge, Frazier avenue, and river street, you can spend a good chunk of time here. Wonderful spot to go walking around during the day, lounge in the park, or catch the sunset on the bridge (a must do) . Also home to the two major grocery stores servicing the urban area of Chattanooga (a serious problem in Chattanooga is a lack of grocery options in the urban areas unfortunately).


OPA- Michael works day in and day out to provide you with passion, authenticity,and one hell of a roasted lamb plate. $$

Sluggos- Grungy vegan spot. You know the kind. We really love it. $

River Street Deli- Bruce will tell you exactly what to order. Either listen to him or trust your instinct. If Bruce isn't there, go somewhere else or get the mufaletta. $

Tremont Tavern- Super dank burger spot.  $-$$

EMBARGO 62 - Mojitos and mediocre cuban style food with the occasional live music and dancing. It’s a fun place. $

Taconooga- We hate the name, but it’s a solid Mexican spot! $

Cashew - Plant based vegan food on River street. $-$$

Good Dog- Funky hot dog spot. A little overpriced for hotdogs, but they’re damn good hot dogs. $-$$


Revelator- Third wave coffee spot on Frazier Ave. Minimalist decor. The coffee is good. $

Speed Deluxe- Coffee and hip motorcycle nerds. $


Brewhaus- Have a big glass of beer with a great view of the bridge. Good deals on Tuesdays. There are better places to eat. $

Aretha Frankenstein- Cool neighborhood house bar restaurant in what we consider the heart of N.Chattanooga. No matter how much this neighborhood changes, Aretha’s remains the same.  $

Beast and Barrel- Happy Hour everyday from 3-6p on the main drag of Frazier Ave.

Heaven & Ale-  Growler fill and beers by the pint type-a-place.  This place knows beer. $

Heaven & Ale Brewery- Huge new brewery behind the growler store. We think it’s the best beer in town for sure. $-$$


The Walking Bridge & Coolidge- You can't say you've been to Chattanooga if you didn't walk the walking bridge. Distance from En Root House: 2 miles FREE

Stringers Ridge- A wonderful walking and mountain biking trail system right within the city. Home to one of our favorite overlooks of town for many reasons.

The Chattanooga River Walk- Another entrance to the riverwalk is in the Bluff View Art District at the South end of the Pedestrian bridge. 7 mile stretch along the Tennessee River.  An early morning run at it's finest. Distance from En Root House: 2.4 miles FREE

Free Walk Cha- A 1.5 mile donation based walking tour of downtown Chattanooga. This tour is not only shows you around but will also give you the low down on Chattanooga’s history as well as current city happenings. Visit the website to learn more or to request a tour and they will do their best to accommodate!


It feels like it’s own little mountain town. Really cute place with some quality spots. If you’re heading towards Lookout Mountain, stop by for a beer.


Mojo Burrito- It’s like a local version of Chipotle, but much better and more Chattanooga. $ Distance from En Root House 4.4 miles

Mrs. B’s Reggae Cafe- Getcha’ some Jamaican jerk chicken- HIYA~!

The Purple Daisy- casual bbq joint slangin’ pork sammies, nana pudding, hash brown casserole and other southern faves.

Mr T’s Pizza-  Super cheap greasy pizza and a wide variety of ice creams. $

Syrup and Eggs-  Ummmmm , yes please. Chattanooga is really excited about this place. Fair to say it’s the best brunch spot in town right now. $


PLUS COFFEE- awesome place to chill out- great design, minimal and good coffee.


Moccasin Bend Brewing Co.

Mad Knight Brewing Co.- Probably one of my favorite locations. This spot is nestled in a basement in the St. Elmo neighborhood. Awesome outdoor space- quaint vibes.

The Tap House- Tons of beers on tap, get lost in the view of Lookout Mountain from their patio or chill on their comfy couches inside.



While we’re aware there are several places to enjoy in Chattanooga outside these 5 neighborhoods/parts of town, this is intended as an urban guide for the immediate downtown area. If you’d like to discuss our reasons for leaving certain establishments out or why we feel a certain way of the places mentioned, give us a shout. We love to chat.