Mlk Blvd, in my eyes, is the most important street in Chattanooga right now. It's an area seeing quite the facelift, as is much of the city, but it's historically been a street full of heart and soul and whether it maintains that or not is incredibly important to the integrity of Chattanooga.

It's always a thin line between revitalization without overt gentrification, but it's not impossible. While I'm enthusiastic about the new breweries and hip bars coming to the area, it's important that this street sustains the people and businesses that are true to the area. Go to Lamar's. Go to G's. Go to Uncle Larry's. Go get a haircut at one of the many barber shops. Also, you can't forget JJ's. Some of these places may not be ones you would normally wander into, but I urge you to give it a shot.  There are also many places popping up that sway closer to that gentrification line, but they're great none the less. Some of Chattanooga's finest. The Bitter Alibi, Hutton & Smith Brewery, and the highly anticipated 2 Son's Kitchen & Market to name a few. This is a Chattanooga street with a lot to offer. I love it so much.