Hot and Sweaty Chatty Summer

Summer's just around the corner in Chattanooga. Before we know it, It's going to be 95 degrees with 60-70% humidity. The minute you step outside, you'll feel the beads of sweat rolling down your face. Your shirt might dampen with out much physical movement. You'll think to yourself, "damn, this is gross." Sounds awful doesn't it? Well yeah, but here's the catch. Chattanooga, despite the overwhelming heat and humidity, is an awesome place to be in the summer. There's  an endless amount of water activities ranging from swimming holes, rope swings, rock hopping, rock jumping, paddling, SUPing, you name it, as well as free music events, cold beer, and city wide parties to wash all that hot humid disgust away. Summer in Chattanooga can be a lot of fun. 


A typical summer Friday in Chattanooga goes something like this: Wake up, eat breakfast, drink coffee, maybe go grab an extra cup of coffee at our favorite roastery in town, Velo Coffee Roasters. Check them out. Once you're awake and fully caffeinated, it's time to go venture out to a swimming hole. You have a number of options whether you just wanna go take a quick dip in Suck Creek, head out to Foster Falls and swim in that massive pool of water, or go on a longer hike to some of the less traveled swimming spots (we can tell ya where to go) . Whatever you do, make a day out of it. Bring some snacks or a sandwich to go. After you get your swim in, head back to the city. You'll probably be needing a cold beer at this point. Check out Hutton & Smith or Heaven & Ale.


Now, maybe it's time for a nap to get ready for that hot and sweaty Chatty summer night. Summer Friday nights are a blast. Nightfall music series is a free outdoor music series bringing in a lot of great acts every Friday night in our favorite part of town. Some of the acts that have played Nightfall in years past range from Foxygen, Kishi Bashi, to Dr. Dog. It's a great time, and after that, you're right there on MLK Blvd which will be bumping with nightlife. You can catch a show at JJ's for a time you're sure to remember or go hang around the corner in the hipster alley at Bitter Alibi. Whatever you do, be safe, and have fun! En Root House loves summer in this city.