It's important for our house to maintain cleanliness and good vibrations to best comfort you. We simply ask that you please read the following etiquette and familiarize yourself with our FAQ .

Any guest who , in our opinion, compromises the safety or comfortability of us or another guest will be requested to leave the property and will not receive a refund. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal drugs or foul play.

- Please leave your shoes at the door :) . It seems to create a sense of ease, plus, it keeps the place much cleaner.

-Don't be a stranger. We love conversation and community.

-Quiet hours are from 10:30 pm-8:00 am. This means being mindful of the other guests. No talking in the shared sleeping rooms and keeping all other noise throughout the house to a conversation volume.

-If you make a mess please clean it up in the kitchen and any other common area that we all share.

-Please do not bring your own sheets, blankets and pillows. We will provide you with comfy and clean linens for a peaceful rest.

-Keep your time in the bathroom minimal, we are all sharing space.

-We will provide a lock for your locker when you check in, we are not responsible for lost of stolen items.

-Don't take what's not yours, travel karma is real.

-Keep smoking to the dedicated smoking area outside.

-Keep alcohol use in moderation.

-No illegal drugs.

-If En Root House property is damaged, you will be responsible.

-Most importantly, enjoy your time in Chattanooga, TN.